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L'ATELIER behind the scenes



Step 0 - before: This wooden cabinet was made in the 50s. His line is sober, original with an asymmetric structure with roundings.

Worked moldings give him a lot of charm. This cabinet was in a former life, painted in off-white with colored handles.




Step 1 : The first step is sanding to remove the existing paint and expose the wood.

This is done using a sander. Sanding can also be manually done when the surfaces are not flat (eg tubular metal on school desks).

The handles of the cabinet must be removed and stripped using a chemical stripper. Mask and gloves are mandatory throughout this step !





Step 2 : A primer coat must be applied. It is a mandatory step that regulates the porosity of the support and especially allows the fixing of the paint.





Step 3 : Two top coats are required. The paint is applied with a brush "à rechampir" (whose bristles form a point) in the corners and with a "radiator handle" on the wide flat surfaces.

We work with Orizon, a range of professional paint from Tollens which contains no solvents, which is highly resistant to shocks and scratches and is easy to apply.

Drying time is necessary between the two layers as well as a dry period of two weeks before use so that the paint is dry to heart.



Step 4 - after: For this cabinet, we have chosen Blue Indigo from Collection "Etat d'Esprit" which is a strong blue, pure and bright.