About us - Chahut Bahut
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Our values, our raison d'être !



Chahut Bahut, it is first the choice of a style, a design ... authentic and symbol of the identity of a period, often of the 50s, 60s, 70s !

Compass-like feet, aileron profile, moulded plastic, bentwood ... we take very much care in the selection of our furniture and some are signed by great designers.

Scholar posters, pedagogical charts, doll's prams and sun mirrors have also a special place in our selection.

All these furniture and objects have a story that we love to reconstitute and tell you. Chahut Bahut, it is the choice of a style, a design ... vintage, full of history and in size XXS !!



Chahut Bahut, it is also the choice of the sustainable, the non-disposable !  Our furniture are antique, have 50, 60 years or more. We want to offer furniture that will last long !!

In massive wood, metal, rattan, the furniture are robust, of good workmanship and sometimes from the best manufacturers.

Some furniture might need restoration. In that case, we rely on local craftmen, cabinetmaker, ferronier... We sometimes decide to add an extra touch of soul and style with colour.





Chahut Bahut, it is at last the choice of a high quality service !  Above all, the satisfaction of our clients should meet their expectations !

That is why we present the products at their best with detailed descriptions and numerous pictures. And we answer with pleasur any question.

On the logistic side, we take a special care to the packaging of the products and we strive to ship them with no delay so that our customers can enjoy their acquisition as soon as possible !!

Notre parcours, notre histoire !





Antique hunter and passionate about design and noble materials, I decide in 2013 to leave the business community and to join the fascinating world of the kid's vintage furniture.

After a school period at l'école Boulle where I confirmed my taste for the arts and crafts, I set up Chahut Bahut.

But Chahut Bahut is not only a passion about vintage or kids design, it is also a way of thinking, it is a vocational retraining that was genetically programmed.

Now I strive with a lot of pleasure to find furniture and vintage products ... to restore them ... to tell their story, the passion or the genius of their designer, manufacturer or illustrator !!

Chahut Bahut, it is already a great adventure I live in family, with my three little testers of desks, little chairs and vintage chests of drawers !!