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Desk and chair Baumann



This set of a chair and a desk Baumann is a classical from the 50's !


This set is typical from the curved wood furnitures from Baumann manufacture. It is elegant, light and space-saving with the storage space under the table top ! Thanks to a simple and smart system of holds, the table top can be either inclined, either horizontal for writing.

The varnish was old, so the set has been sanded and polished. Normal wear and tear marks. Le vernis d'origine avait bien vécu, l'ensemble a donc été poncé et ciré. Traces d'usure normales. There is a slight fragment of wood missing on the left of the table top (see picture 7) and a restoration has been made by a talented cabinetmaker.


This set is suitable for kids from 4 years old onwards.


Dimensions of the desk : length 60cm / aft height 68cm - front 63cm / depth 42cm.

Dimensions of the storage space : length 51,5cm / height 7,5 à 11cm / depth 36cm

Dimensions of the chair : height 63cm / width and depth 31cm. Basis 38cm from the ground.


Shipping France 19€90 / European Union + Switzerland 65€ (see Terms and conditions of delivery).

Withdrawal possible at the workshop.

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